Thursday, July 23, 2015

Baby Shower Decorations

Y'all know I love a good theme! So, I jump at the opportunity to make unique and 
personalized decor for parties and events…especially baby showers! 
Here are a few easy craft ideas for your next baby shower:

Top Left: DIY Dollar Tree corsage for Mom to Be [see assembly details in pictures below]
Top Right: Dollar Tree baby bottle centerpieces [see more pictures below] 
Bottom: Scrapbook paper banner 

[For the mom to be]
Supplies: Bow & ribbon set, pacifiers (both from Dollar Tree)
Felt, pins (both from Hobby Lobby)

Remove sticky backing from bow and ribbon, leaving you with two separate pieces

Cut out a small circle from your felt (diameter should be about the length of your pin)

Hot glue pin to felt circle

Hot glue ribbon bunch to back of bow

Hot glue felt+pin piece to back of bow

{Optional} Attach pacifiers for extra touch (I simply threaded the ribbon thru the pacifiers)

Final product!

I also attached Dollar Tree pacifiers to the end of the banner!


Super easy & cute! I followed this tutorial



Baby name banner hung on goal post

Football inspired baby banner

I attached Dollar Tree pacifiers to this banner to coordinate with the decor

These banners coordinately perfectly with the baby shower invitations! I was able to find cute scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby then printed out letters & pictures in fonts from the invitations!


Happy Crafting!

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