Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bath Toy Organization

I've seen quite a few bath toy organizing ideas on Pinterest. The one I see most frequently is: hanging an additional shower curtain rod opposite your existing rod and hang baskets (to house the toys) on it via shower curtain rings. I was strongly considering this idea but realized I wouldn't enjoy picking the toys up from the tub then reaching up to the baskets (we have a lot of toys, so this would take a while). Plus, my kids wouldn't be able to help clean up the toys as they can't reach where the rod would hang. So I came across another novel idea...hang baskets with command hooks (that way you can take the baskets down to dump the toys out for bathtime, hang them during the bath, pull them back down to put toys away (with the help of your kiddos), then hang them back up to drain the toys after bathtime. (I think we'll drill some holes in the bottom of the baskets to get maximum draining results).
Here's how it turned out:

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