Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wipes Container turned Pop-Up Fabric Squares Toy

My son loves pulling stuff...whether it be toilet paper, a dish towel, blankets, trash bags out of their box..seriously, if it can be pulled/sorted, my son's going to figure it out! I remembered seeing some tutorials (on Pinterest, of course!) about repurposing wipes containers into activity boxes for kids! So, I decided to give it a try, hoping my son will choose to pull the fabric out of the wipes container rather than pulling out our trash bags! It was super easy, taking only about 10 minutes to make!

You'll need: empty wipes case, fabric (I used some onesies that were stained/ripped & couldn't be sent to good will as well as some old wash cloths), scissors, a DVD case, & a marking device (I used a silver sharpie).

Place a DVD case on your fabric of choice (you could also use fabric scraps, t-shirts, blankets, whatever!!) and trace it's outline with your marking device. Then, cut out your square (you don't have to trace before cutting, but it does help to ensure consistency in the size of your squares).
Repeat these steps until you have a good amount of fabric to fill your wipes container.
I used a couple of onesies (cutting out 4 squares) then filled the remainder of the box with baby washcloths (there was no need to cut these as they're already in the perfect shape for the container).
So, if you're child's getting into everything or you just need a new activity for him/her, whip up this easy fabric box! Have fun!!

Here's a picture tutorial!

And here's my son playing with his new toy!
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