Monday, July 2, 2012

More T-shirt Upcycling | Work Out Tee

Oh, how I love repurposing T-shirts!
Today's featured T-shirt is the most amazing T I've ever owned...EVER! It is super soft. Although it's not a maternity top, I wore it to bed my entire pregnancy. Hence, it's worn out. I mean..WORN! When I put it on now, my husband looks at it...and I know exactly what he's thinking.. "I know it was amazing during pregnancy because it formed so well to your baby bumping shape...but you had the baby...10 months ago!" I know he's hoping to see this T in the trash...but I just couldn't say good-bye. So, instead, I'm saying "Hello!" to a new lounging/work-out tee!

I used this tutorial I found on, you guessed it, Pinterest!
For my "tie" on the back, I actually braided leftover T fabric from the sleeves and tied it around. I believe the tutorial used the excess fabric and tied a simple knot. But, that's the fun part. 
You can customize this shirt to your liking (lower neckline, etc!)
I will tell you, it didn't turn out "perfectly." It gapes here and there. But, it gave my favorite T another life! You know you want to try it. Go do it. Now. Seriously, it takes about 5 minutes! Go!
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