Saturday, April 21, 2012

Three great weekend deals!

Deal #1:
My son is scooting from one end of the living room to the other. Needless to say, I've been in the market for a good play yard/baby gate system. Fortunately, my sister-in-law recommended the Little Playzone with Lights and Sounds. After researching this (and other products), I found it was one of the best reviewed! The unfortunate part: it costs $120 (+$35 for EACH extension gate you add...which you almost need because the play yard is pretty small). So, I was about to order the play yard ($120) and two extension gates ($35x2=$70), with about $20 in tax/shipping costs...bringing my total to $210. Boo! At 11:30pm on Thursday night, just as I'm about to place the order, I decided to look on Craigslist. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a listing for TWO of the play yards for $120...FOR THE TWO OF THEM! I always look on Craigslist, but have never actually made a purchase. Luckily, my mom was coming to town on Friday. So, I called the lister (YES, at 11:30pm! I had to have these products!), and we went to pick it up on Friday...great neighborhood, super nice house, and friendly family! The play yards were in tip-top condition! That was my first deal of the weekend: two play yards for the price of ONE (plus, no tax/shipping/waiting time)! **And, the seller told me he received 4 calls about the play yards on Friday glad I called Thursday night!
Here is a link to the play yard:

Deal #2:
I've had a hard time finding the perfect post-baby body bathing suit to wear this summer. I need something to, obviously, slim the tummy and cover my thighs. I tried some swim skirts and shorts from Target, but nothing that fit well/flattered my body/didn't look like an old lady suit. So, I decided to look at JCPenney (Since they've "revamped" their stores/Ellen's joined their marketing campaigns, I thought it was worth the trip). I believe I tried on just under 20 swim suits. Luckily, I found one (pictured below). The top is very slimming (lots of ruching across the stomach) and the skirt has a slimming panel (that's actually comfortable)! Because the skirt is black, I have flexibility to buy other tops and mix & match!

The skirt was $20 and the top (which retails for $25) was on sale for $18!

Deal #3:
I've been on the hunt for cute "mom" shorts (i.e. not the daisy dukes being sold in most junior departments these days) that won't break the bank! I've also been looking for breezy summer pants. Kohl's fit the bill! These linen pants (originally $44 each) were on sale for $19.99 each, and the denim shorts (originally $34) were on sale for $17.99..making my total (after tax) $62.03....and my savings: $64.03!!! And because I had $42.33 in store credit to use, I only paid $19.70 out-of-pocket!!! SUPER SAVINGS!!!

Did you find any great deals this weekend?

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  1. woot! that is awesome! craigslist is always our go to before giving in to the stores for bigger ticket items. very cute play yard :) and love the clothes!!

  2. Love Punkin's play yard!! What a great deal! and the linen pants are great-can't wait to wear mine!

  3. It looks like i'm going to be on craigslist for the day. Ayda loves crawling to different rooms! I love the swimsuit! I walked into JCPenny a month ago thinking I wouldn't find anything like many time before and, for the first time in my life, I actually came out with many different outfits. I am going to try their swimsuits!