Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hospital Survival Kit

I saw a super cute idea on Pinterest for a Hospital Survival Kit for moms-to-be! I remember what it was like packing for the hospital, trying to think of everything I would need during my stay. But, let's be honest, my pregnant mind was all over the place (as are most folks' a few weeks before delivery).
My friend, Claire, is 38 weeks pregnant. I was going to have lunch with her and thought, "this would be the perfect time to test out a Hospital Survival Kit." I got the idea and free printables from Jen at My Own Road.

Here's what I decided to put in the bag:

I don't like when little products are floating around in a large bag, so I separated the items in groups and wrapped individually in plastic gift bags. I then put sticker notes on each set of items...
 I wasn't allowed to eat in the delivery room. So, after Owen arrived, I was starving!
>>Granola bars and candy | "To satisfy your cravings after baby arrives"
Before I could take a shower, I remember feeling so gross..just wanting to wash my face and pop a breath mint
>>Face cleansing wipes, tissues, lip balm, breath mints, and lotion |  "To keep you feeling fresh, clean, and presentable"
While in the hospital, people dropped off gifts. I also wanted nurses names/addresses to send thank you notes for taking such good care of us!
>>Journal | "To record gifts received in hospital, nurses names, etc ."
There was a lot...a LOT of waiting...
>>Magazine | "To help pass the time"
My hair was short, so I had it pinned back. But, if my hair is long, I'd want a way to keep it out of my face/off of my neck
>>Ponytail holders and headbands | "To keep your hair out of your face"

The final product! Cute, huh?
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  1. Super cute! I will have to remember this! I think it would be nice for a family in the hospital with a loved one too (as someone who had a sibling in the hospital on and off for 2 years, it gets OLD!)

    If I was visiting a friend in the hospital (for reasons other than labor and delivery) I would do ::

    - snacks (good chocolate, other favorite candies, plus some granola bars or trail mix)
    - a roll of quarters for the vending machines
    - gas giftcards (for driving back and forth to the hospital)
    - starbucks instant coffee or a starbucks card
    - aromatherapy lotion/spray
    - lip balm
    - sleep mask
    - fuzzy socks or slippers
    - travel devotional (I like Come Away My Beloved from Frances J. Roberts or Streams in the Desert)
    - magazines and/or a book (1000 Gifts would be a great one!)
    - DVD's
    - deck of cards
    - travel version of a game (checkers, scrabble, sorry, etc)
    - scripture cards (specific verses handwritten or printed on 4x6 cards)
    - CD of encouraging music and/or relaxing music

    Obviously this is more than would fit in a bag, but you could pick and choose what items you'd like to add. This would be a bag that would bless either the patient and/or their spouse (or whatever family member is staying with them as their caretaker). Or you could do 2 different bags (one for the patient, one for the caretaker).

  2. Great idea! I'll be looking for mine in the mail ;)

  3. what a great & unique idea! totally going to have to do this for my sister in-law :)

  4. Thanks for the link, your kit turned out awesome (and I love the addition of the magazines)!