Friday, February 24, 2012

My Coupon Binder

So, this is where I used to keep my coupons....

And this is where I keep them NOW:
And let me tell you, this guy is HEAVY! But that's because it's full of money-saving coupons!!!

I first started by assembling supplies for my coupon binder:

Zipper organizer: $5 at Big Lots | Mini Scissors (for in-store clipping): $1 at Target | Mini Calculator: <$3 at Office Max
9-Pocket Pages: $7.99 at Hobby Lobby ($4.79 after 40% off coupon) or $5 at Target by cash registers/trading cards 
32 tabs with printable index: ~$5 after coupon at Office Max

I tried to get by with a 2" binder from Target, but it was too small and not durable enough for all of the constant flipping of coupon pages, so I upgraded to a Heavy Duty 3" from Office Max. I believe it was between $14 and $16. But I had a $10 off of a $30 purchase coupon, so, after my purchase of additional items to reach the $30, I was able to shave a little bit off of the binder price.

Inside of my binder is a zipper case with scissors, pen, and calculator. The zipper case also has an expandable accordion file. This is where I keep my weekly store circulars. 
I also have each store's coupon policy stored in sheet protectors followed by coupon pages with store specific coupons (Target, Publix, etc). After the store policy/store coupon section is the coupon index followed by tabs and lots and LOTS of coupons!!

I organized my coupons into the following 32 categories:
1. Air Fresheners/Candles 
2. Baby Supplies & Toys/Games
3. Baking 
4. Beauty/Face: Wash & Lotion
5. Bread, PB &J 
6. Breakfast, Granola Bars
7. Canned: Fruits, Vegetables
8. Canned: Soups, Meats
9. Cleaning Supplies & Trash Bags
10. Coffees & Teas
11. Condiments, Salad Dressings, Pickles/Olives/Jalapenos
12. Cookies, Candies, Gum/Mints
13. Dish Washing & Laundry
14. Drinks
15. Feminine Hygiene
16. Frozen: Breakfasts, Baked Goods, Ice Cream
17. Frozen: Dinners, Entrees, Vegetables, Pizzas
18. Hair Care
19. Medicines, Vitamins, First Aid
20. Miscellaneous
21. Oral Care
22. Paper Products, Ziploc Bags, Aluminum Foil
23. Past & Mexican/Ethnic
24. Prepared Sides & Rice/Dry Beans
25. Produce
26. Refrigerated: Dairy, Dough, & Eggs
27. Refrigerated: Meat and Seafood
28. Restaurants
29. Retail Store Coupons
30. Shaving & Deodorant
31. Snacks: Chips, Crackers, Pretzels, Nuts, Dips & Salsa
32. Soap & Body Wash, Lotion

Organizing the binder was the fun part! Then came the not so fun part....organizing all of my coupons. I thought I could knock this out in an hour...but with a 5 month old, it took about 4 hours! I layed out all of my dividers, sorted coupons accordingly, put them in the 9-pocket pages, then placed them into the binder.

And here are a few of my coupon pages:

This is my coupon binder tote! My binder fits perfectly in here! I found this tote in the clearance section at Office Max; originally $19.99, it was marked down to $15. After my 20% coupon, I paid just $12!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your coupon binder TODAY!!
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