Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY Dollar Tree St. Patty's Day Decor

In case you haven't noticed, I love decorating our home for the holidays! Because I'm Irish and my favorite color is GREEN, I look forward to decorating for St. Patty's Day from April-Feburary!! You better believe my house was mighty green on February 15! I've accumulated some fun decorations over the years, but, as you can imagine with moving multiple times, I've lost some:( So, when I was at Dollar Tree in late January, I stocked up on some St. Patty's Day supplies. Here's some of the decor items I created from the supplies!
shamrock cardboard cutout + hot glue + foam cutout + hot glue + glitter foam cutouts=mirror decor!
(they're hanging with dollar tree suction hangers that I had on hand)

 I love this centerpiece! These are Christmas tree spiral fillers (bought them in the 70% off after Christmas sale at Target...marked down from $2 each to $0.60 each! I also bought them in pink & red for Valentine's decor) in a vase with green ribbon! I put the vase on a large shamrock cutout (Dollar Tree) on top of a green placemat. And, of course, shamrock napkins (Dollar Tree).

 There are lots of green accents in the guest bathroom, but I needed some shamrocks! So, I used some more of the foam cutouts and just layered the glittered ones on top of the plain ones.

 I used this silver wreath for Christmas (had some small ornaments hot glued to it). I removed the ornaments after Christmas so that I could continue to use the wreath year round. The St. Patty's Day accent is made just like the mirror decor (above) and tied to the wreath with bright green ribbon!

And, finally, a collage of my St. Patty's Day decor!

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  1. I have my year round wreath up-I am going to Dollar store later and get a few foam and sparkle clovers and hang in my wreath-love your Irish dec. lass!! :) xo!