Sunday, January 29, 2012

Today I was "that girl!"

You know...the one who is holding up the line trying to price match and use her coupons....trying not to get an attitude with the not-so-smart customer service agent.
There are some stellar baby deals at Target this week, and I had this wonderful plan to get the following deals:

Get a $15 Target giftcard with the purchase of two boxes of Pampers diapers (x2 because I wanted 4)
3 $1 off and 1 $1.50 off coupon per box of diapers
*Each box was "on sale" for $29.99...but Wal Mart has then on sale for $24.77 this week! So, I brought my Wal Mart and Target circulars in to customer service to price match (yes, they do that!)

Get a $5 Target gift card with the purchase of two powder formulas
2 $1 off Similac powder formula coupons
(PLUS, I had a $5 Similac rebate check to go toward the purchase)
*Each tub of formula was "on sale" for $22.99. But, good old Wal Mart has them for $22.47 (Only $0.52 I know, but HEY, we're trying to save money..ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY!)

So, my receipt should have read like this:
4 Pampers diapers @ $24.77= $99.08 -$4.50 in manufacturer's coupons= $94.58 (+$30 in Target giftcards)
2 tubs formula @ $22.99= $45.98 -$2 in manufacturer's coupons -$5 rebate= $38.98 (+$5 Target giftcard)

TOTAL: $133.56 + $35 in Target giftcards

The stingy customer service agent gave me a hard time about the coupons, the price matching, etc. and got really confused. I walked away after my purchase and paused to check my receipt. He charged me $150+! So, I stood back in line. When it was my turn, he rolled his eyes and said, "Give me the receipt." (He totally knew he messed up). After 20 more minutes of pushing buttons on the register, scratching his head, and finally asking a manager for assistance....everything was resolved. I don't understand why people are so stingy with coupons.

So, after that rant, I will leave you with this:
Total of diapers + formula before sale, price match, and coupons: $165.94
Total of diapers + formula after sale, price match, and coupons: $133.56 and if you count the Target gift cards which I'll use on my next purchase ($35) the total is: $98.56!!! That's $67.38 or 40% in savings! Yahoo!

**And, while I was at customer service figuring out the diaper/formula situation, Tyler stood in a regular checkout lane to get the remainder of our items. We only saved $3.10 with coupons, BUT, because I had collected $15 in Target gift cards last week, he only paid $6.90 out of pocket! Gotta love those Target gift card promos stacked with manufacturers coupons!

And, always take your store circular ads with you when you go shopping. If at Target, for example, you see a lower advertised price in Wal Mart's circular, Target's customer service desk will match that price for you (they're very picky about it, so make sure the products are EXACTLY the same (size, specs, etc).

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