Monday, January 16, 2012

Handmade birthday Cards

When I have the time, I really enjoy making greeting cards (especially for the special people in my life!)
I posted a few cards that I made last October that you can view here. Below are some new cards to add to the previous collection!

My brother is a big fan of the slogan God Bless America, but an even bigger fan of the abbreviation: GBA. So, I decided to make a patriotic GBA-themed card for his birthday! Red and blue paper, white stars, and a strip of decorative cardboard displaying all three colors came together for a fun birthday card!

I also added a star to the back of the card reading: Made for you with love by Kelly Johnson. Hey, I had to leave my mark;)


I wanted to make a fun and colorful card for a friends upcoming birthday (sorry, friend, if you see this before you get it in the mail!) Here are my supplies: 2 pieces of printed scrapbook paper and 1 piece of white cardstock (all measured/cut to fit in a spare envelope I had), coordinating ribbon, and a single hole punch.

I stacked all three pieces of paper on top of one another, then punched two holes at the top of the papers. I looped the ribbon through the holes to keep the papers together. You'll see in this picture that I used the white piece of paper for my personalized "birthday greeting."

And here's the final product. I think it's pretty cute!

Have you made any DIY greeting cards lately? I'd love to see/hear about them! Pin It

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  1. I love these gift cards and would love to have some on hand...hint hint!!