Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great Finds at Ross Dress for Less!

Ross Dress for Less is located next door to Mecca (i.e. Target). So, if I have some time to kill or am looking for some gifts, I'll pop in there. It's very hit or miss for me in there. Some days, the entire store seems to be wiped out. I went in today to return a dress for my mom. After returning, I decided to look around....and I'm SO glad I did! Here are some of my great finds at even greater prices!

Carter's St. Patty's Day Bibs for Little Man- Retail: $10, Ross: $1.99 each
Tully's Keurig French Roast Coffee- Retail: $11.99+, Ross: $8.99
Space Bags- Retail: $17+, Ross: $9.99
Wilton Seasonal Cookie Cutters- Retail: $4+, Ross: $2.49 each

Had I paid retail for all of these items, my total would come to about $57. 
What did I pay today at Ross? about $28. That's a total savings of about 50%!! Yahoo!

So, next time you're near Ross, you should definitely pop in!
Here are some other products they carry at GREAT prices that I (and maybe you) sometimes forget about and end up paying more at another store: kitchen supplies (cookie sheets, pans, colanders, utensils), gift bags, scrapbook supplies (paper, glue runners), for the home (sheets, comforters, towels, shower curtains, lamps, miscellaneous furniture, wall art), baby (bibs, socks, blankets, toys), gifts (candles, mugs, picture frames, gift sets, kitchen towels, aprons), and so much more! 
And, while you're in there...why not head over to the shoe department and try on a 
couple of pairs of Jessica Simpson patent leather pumps? That always makes my day better;)

Happy saving while shopping!
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  1. Thanks for taking the dress back! oh and I LOVE the bibs! :) xo!