Friday, January 20, 2012

Easy Taco Soup

There is nothing quite like this taco soup. It is the perfect meal for a chilly evening! 
This recipe makes a lot...perfect for a large group or leftovers!

Here are your tasty ingredients: 
(Full recipe can be found at the bottom of the page)
Baby boy and I had a rough day, so I invited my trusty companion to join me in the kitchen this evening;)
Brown your meat with your chopped onion
This magic tool helps to break up the meat in the pan when it's not quite thawed all the way. I used to use a fork or spatula for this task...and I would fling raw meat everywhere. My mom gave me this Pampered Chef tool as a gift, and it's been so helpful in the kitchen!

So you put all of your ingredients (including your cooked meat + onion mixture) in a large pot. Then you just mix it all together! Then you cover the pot and cook on med-high for about 20 minutes or until hot!

While your soup is a brewin' and filling your kitchen with a yummy, inviting aroma, get some corn muffins cooking! I like to use Jiffy (super inexpensive and super delicious)! I also strongly recommend using muffin cup liners rather than putting the batter directly into the tins. They come out MUCH nicer (not all crumbly), and clean-up is a cinch!

I wanted to share my new melamine mixing bowls with you all. They are from Williams-Sonoma. I got my mom some last year (she always gave them as gifts but never bought any for herself!) She now swears by them and bought me some for Christmas! *Note: they are switching to a 3-piece (I'm not sure why, because the 4-piece is amazing!) So if you want the 4-pack, you can check in store..OR find them online! I have the "fall colors" set.

Once the soup is done, ladle it up in a big bowl and top with shredded cheese (I like the mexican blend) and sour cream. Mmmmm! (If you're not a fan of cornbread, Tostitos Multigrain Scoops go great with this soup)!

And here's the recipe:
1-2 lbs ground beef or turkey
1 large onion, chopped
3 15oz cans tomatoes (I used 2 petite diced & 1 stewed)
1 can rotel
1 16oz can kidney beans
1 16oz can chili beans
**I use 1 can of black beans rather than the kidney and chili
1 16oz can Fiesta corn
1 envelope/pkg taco seasoning (Publix has these for $0.43!!)
1 envelope/pkg ranch dressing (dry)
1 1/2 cups water

Brown meat with onions; drain. Add remaining ingredients. Mix well. Simmer 2 hours: I usually just turn it on med-high for 20 minutes:)
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  1. I make a variation of this soup and it's my husband's FAVORITE! I suggest you add 1/3 of a block of Velvetta for extra yumminess. It's BOGO at Publix this week and really bumps the soup up a notch!

    1. Oh, Kristy, that sounds delicious!! I will have to try that next time. Thanks for the suggestion:)

  2. The Wlliams and Sonoma mixing bowls are the BEST! I love mine-glad you are enjoying yours! The 4 set is best-don't know why they switched vendors for the 3 set (which are more expensive as well!) May need to write a letter..